Resume Writing Samples

Before you review our sample resumes, please note: Itís never a good idea to copy a resume template. Instead, use our sample resumes to firm up ideas on how to design a resume thatís descriptive of your experience, skills, and talents and specific to the career field, company or job you want. .

Reverse Chronological Resume Sample: In reverse chronological format, this sample is the most common format and typically the one preferred by most employers. Although the format is common, weíve used creative style on our sample to help set if apart from those of other candidates.

Skills Resume Sample: The skills resume format in single column informal style. The skills resume format works best when your work experience is limited but your skills qualify you for the job.

Notice that although the resume is in a single column style, we have used table cells to separate text and balance the page for easier reading.

Functional Resume Sample: The functional resume format is best used to conceal gaps in employment history. For instance, in our sample rather than put a proprietary business in work history, the candidate has chosen to add it to a list of professional skills.

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