Let’s Eat, Grandma Reviews: What does it cost and how good are their resumes?



Once you get past the strange name – Let’s Eat, Grandma turns out to be a resume writing service with a unique approach to what they do.

But being a higher price service, it’s likely job seekers will be looking for more info on the company before parting with their money.

So how effective is Let’s Eat, Grandma?

Well in this review, we’ll go beyond anecdotes and try to pinpoint exactly what this company does. More importantly, you’ll get to see the inner workings, customer reviews, and a bunch of other things to help you reach a decision about whether they’re worth the money.

(Which should be useful, because we don’t know about you… but “Let’s Eat Grandma” is practically impossible to find on Google)

What does Let’s Eat, Grandma do?

As a resume writing service, Let’s Eat, Grandma focuses solely on writing standout resumes and cover letters to help you land more interviews.

This commitment to higher quality is reflected in their premium prices: starting at $439 for the basic package.

(Yes – they’re pretty expensive)

While they do offer LinkedIn profile rewrites and Cover Letters, it’s clear they’re going for a more “white glove” type of service where the resume is the star of the show. So it’s worth considering how much weight you want placed on that one part of your job search.

Who is this service for?

At their heart, Let’s Eat, Grandma exists to help those seeking a more elite level of writing expertise and hands-on attention than what most services offer.

By specifically mentioning their dislike for “budget services”, it’s clear they’re trying to appeal to more serious professionals – perhaps executives going for competitive C-suite or leadership roles.

Think of it like a custom Italian suit – luxurious, but best-suited for those at the peak of their careers able to invest at a high level.

So if you’re a first-time job seeker simply trying to beat ATS with keyword optimization, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere for more cost-effective options.

Let’s Eat, Grandma: the pros and cons

Focus on quality
30-minute phone consultations
Rated highly on specific review sites
Train their writers heavily
Senior editors oversee writers
Very expensive
No add on writing or coaching
No dashboard
Don’t offer unlimited revisions
Put a hard 14 day limit on writing

Let’s Eat, Grandma’s process

While Let’s Eat, Grandma promises a refined and unique approach to resume writing, it’s worth investigating this claim a little more.

To see for ourselves, we ran through their platform and pulled out some interesting info.

How does Let’s Eat, Grandma’s writing process work?

In spite of their fanciness, Let’s Eat, Grandma’s resume writing process is fairly simple:

First, you’ll have an introductory 30-minute phone consultation with your writer.

To do this properly, you’ll need to fill in a questionnaire so you’re prepared to talk about your career background, goals, and challenges.

Second, they’ll deliver an initial draft. And finally, there’ll be a round of revisions.

Surprisingly, there are only 2 rounds of revisions offered over a 7 day period, which is comparatively less than similar services.

How long does the process take?

Unlike other resume writing services, Let’s Eat, Grandma sets clear timeframes for each step of the process.

After the introductory call, clients receive their first draft within 7 days – a possible indicator of the level of personalization of each document rather than using templates.

You’ll then have another 7 days for 2 rounds of revisions to finalize things. So the full process takes – at most – 14 days.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But considering the costs involved, it’s surprising they don’t give you more time.

Those with complex resumes, or tricky technical roles, might find the 14 day cap limiting. However, compared to 24 hour resume delivery through AI or offshore writers, this could be a better level of service.

What do Let’s Eat, Grandma resumes look like?

Now, for a company that bills itself as an elite resume writing service, Let’s Eat, Grandma’s sample resume visual designs prove surprisingly… normal

Taking a look at their sample resumes, there’s no fancy bespoke layouts, flourishes, or flashy color palettes.

The focus stays on great wording that sells achievements, not on visual dazzle. So people wanting creative looks may be let down. But if strong writing matters most? These clean resumes let great words and stories about accomplishments stand out.

Is their platform easy to use?

Let’s Eat, Grandma provides personalized resume writing without a fancy online platform.

You work directly with your writer by emailing and calling instead of logging into an account dashboard. This tight focus aims to tell your whole career story.

But if you want self-service tech to track progress, it could feel a little too hands-on.

How qualified are Let’s Eat, Grandma’s writers?

Let’s Eat, Grandma makes all resume writers pass tests on writing before hiring them. Then they go through a 4-week bootcamp on smart resume messaging.

Because of this, nearly all writers on the team have at least 5+ years (and often 10+ years) experience writing.

With that said, there’s no guarantee your writer actually has experience in your industry or even an HR background.

So even if Let’s Eat, Grandma promises a very high level of writing quality, it’s questionable whether that alone is enough to help you land interviews in more technical roles.

Let’s Eat, Grandma’s Pricing, Packages & Guarantees

Let’s Eat, Grandma sells premium resume writing but keeps things simple. They offer just 4 options, from $439 to $1,899. Mainly you get resumes and cover letters, with more writer access at higher tiers.

Surprisingly – for a service focused on writing – they don’t offer Thank You letters.

Even more surprising, they push you to download a “Digital Guide to Cold Emails & Thank-You Notes”. Which is fine if you want to brush up quickly on this topic, but it is a bit of a letdown if you’re going for a premium service to save yourself time writing.

With this in mind, if you’re looking for a more all-in-one career solution, other resume writing services might offer more bang for your buck.

What are their guarantees?

With Let’s Eat, Grandma costing so much, you’d think they offer strong guarantees.

Sadly, while they have a 60-day Satisfaction Promise, this just means you can ask for more revisions after 2 weeks. 

This guarantee doesn’t come with a promise of interview or job placements.

How does Let’s Eat, Grandma compare to other resume writing services?

In a crowded market, Let’s Eat, Grandma stands out through their premium positioning.

Their services start around $500 – double or triple the rate of places with similar promises. But for that price, you’re promised a writer who’s obsessed with telling your career story.

Other than this focus on quality, there isn’t much else to distinguish Let’s Eat, Grandma. They have a run-of-the-mill writing process, offer few add ons, and don’t make claims about the actual success of their resumes.

LetsEatGrandma.com reviews

So how does Let’s Eat, Grandma actually perform on major review sites?

We’ve picked out some top positive and negative reviews, so you can see for yourself:

Let’s Eat, Grandma reviews from TrustPilot

At an astonishing 4.9 stars, from 297 reviewers, it’s safe to say Let’s Eat, Grandma is a preferred resume writing service among TrustPilot users. Some users complain of poor value for money, but overall things look good.

Let’s Eat, Grandma reviews from Yelp

Surprisingly, reviews on Yelp are far less complimentary. At a score of just 2.8 (admittedly from only 10 reviewers), it seems many were unhappy at the price to quality ratio.

What else should you know?

In spite of overall solid reviews, it’s likely you still have concerns about whether Let’s Eat, Grandma’s value justifies the premium prices. Let’s explore their service a little more:

How effective is Let’s Eat, Grandma?

In spite of their heavy focus on quality, there is little success information on the Let’s Eat Grandma website beyond reviews.

Other competitors make promises about specific stats like “triple your interviews” in the case of ZipJob, and “98.4% interview rate” in the case of Resumeble.

While this doesn’t suggest Let’s Eat Grandma is unsuccessful, it does call into question their pricing, especially when they have no interview or job guarantees.

Without sharing success metrics, Let’s Eat Grandma makes it hard to judge if their services warrant the high prices.

Which other services do they have?

While you get a lot in Let’s Eat Grandma’s packages (including direct phone consultation and LinkedIn profile rewrites on Premium packages) they don’t sell individual services.

This could make them a bad choice for people looking for smaller tasks like LinkedIn profile makeovers or cover letters, as you’d need to buy expensive packages just to get those.

What kind of support do they offer?

Unlike many resume writing companies, you can schedule a free exploratory call with Let’s Eat Grandma’s staff to ask questions before buying.

In fact, they place a big emphasis on phone calls, as you will have a 30-minute consultation with writers on all packages, so the support could be considered quite good.

With the consultation plus the ability to schedule pre-purchase calls, Let’s Eat Grandma aims to be more accessible than competitors who solely communicate over email.

What makes Let’s Eat, Grandma different?

When you compare Let’s Eat, Grandma to others, the big difference is how much one-on-one attention they seem to give you.

From offering prep calls before you buy anything to guaranteed 30-minutes of consultation with your writer, they promise more back-and-forth than competitors.

They also make sure writers don’t take on too many clients at once, so you don’t feel like just another resume in the batch. For people who want a true partner to customize things and bounce ideas off, Let’s Eat, Grandma looks to engage on a deeper, more personalized level.

Conclusion: is Let’s Eat, Grandma worth the money?

At the end of the day, Let’s Eat Grandma site is more expensive than many competitors. However, the good reviews and focus on quality could make this a worthwhile investment.

As the prices are slightly too high for entry-level job seekers, they’re probably more suited to those aiming for C-Suite positions where added customization might pay off.

However, with few real success metrics or way to gauge quality, it’s difficult to definitively say if the claimed personalization matches reality – or if you’re just paying for a fancy PDF.

While Let’s Eat Grandma fares better than ZipJob reviews and TopResume reviews-wise, the steep prices means they deserve extra scrutiny before dropping hundreds of dollars.

To use Let’s Eat, Grandma’s own words: “you get what you pay for. It’s okay to save on car insurance. But when it comes to giving your resume a facelift, it’s worth paying the extra few hundred dollars!”

For the premium costs, buyers should expect exemplary service.