Resume Spice Reviews: Is good for professional career advancement?



Resume Spice’s opening gambit is that they’re a “resume service built by recruiters”, and claim to be “the #1 rated resume writing service”.

But do statements like these really justify the high price tag?

To find out, we’ve spent the day pouring through their website and services to see for ourselves. So keep reading to see Resume Spice opinions, analysis of their process, and a breakdown of everything you get when you sign up.

What does Resume Spice do?

Resume Spice offers a range of writing services tailored to people looking for a more “professional” service.

Although Resume Spice caters primarily to executives, managers, and other professionals, their services may not be suitable for those in very niche or specialized careers.

Their website boasts about experience “across a broad range of industries”, which might indicate a more generalist rather than specialist industry approach.

Who is this service for?

Given the high prices, Resume Spice is likely better suited for C-suite executives and senior managers rather than those just starting their careers.

The least expensive package claims to be for entry-level professionals with 0-2 years of experience, but costs $479. This is considerably more than their close competitors.

In spite of this, Resume Spice isn’t just for those climbing the ladder. They state that around 41% of clients they work with are currently unemployed, suggesting they know how to handle people at various stages of their career journey (for a price).

Resume Spice: the pros and cons

100% US-based writers
Made by recruiters
Phone consultation
Quick 2-day draft turnaround
Geared towards professionals
More expensive
No platform
Lack of capacity right now
Add on services are pricey
No success figures

Resume Spice’s process

How does Resume Spice’s writing process work?

Resume Spice makes efforts to really break down how they work, which is good for people cautious about these kinds of services.

First, you’ll select a resume package and fill out a 90-second online questionnaire. Then, you’ll schedule an introductory phone call with your writer.

This personalized consultation is already a positive mark for the service, as not everyone offers this kind of 1-on-1 collaboration.

After you’ve talked, you’ll receive a draft of your resume in 2 business days. Once you’ve reviewed the draft, you can provide feedback within 7 calendar days.

At this stage, if you ordered any add-ons like Cover Letters, your writer will pick these up and complete them.

How long does the process take?

While Resume Spice makes a big deal about their fast turnaround times, there are downsides.

They promise to get your initial resume draft to you within 2 business days. However, the speed comes at the potential cost of quality and customization.

Even with phone consultations, clients only get 7 days after the draft to provide edits and feedback before the final resume is delivered.

Right now, Resume Spice has a two-week waiting period from purchase to starting the writing process. It is unclear if this results from mismanaged demand or their popularity.

So while delivery takes less than two weeks once started, the full process has delays built in.

What do Resume Spice resumes look like?

Resume Spice has a page where you can see samples of their work. This level of transparency is a plus compared to some competitors.

However, there has been some feedback indicating that the resumes produced sometimes lack originality and personalization.

The tension between speed and customization may result in more template-based resumes that fail to adequately showcase the applicant’s unique background and qualifications.

So while Resume Spice can produce quality resumes, you should take a second to study their resume writing samples closely. They’re a good indication of the kind of resume you can expect – which may or may not be right for your level of seniority.

Is their platform easy to use?

Resume Spice has no real platform to speak of.

While phone consultations allow for detailed communication, juggling drafts, feedback, and edits via email rather than a dashboard could make keeping track of progress more difficult.

How qualified are Resume Spice’s writers?

Okay, so here’s where Resume Spice clearly cuts above-budget services:

They have a team of 100% US-based writers, which is something of a novelty. For job seekers looking for more reliable grammar, tone, and support, this could be a major plus.

However, details on the precise qualifications and certifications of the individual writers are limited.

As a business built by recruiters, Resume Spice promises connections to leading global companies like McDonald’s, IBM, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft.

And while this doesn’t directly translate into better resumes, it is interesting, as it suggests they know how to carefully vet their team.

Resume Spice’s Pricing, Packages & Guarantees

Resume Spice offers tiered pricing ranging from $479 for entry-level resumes up to $699 for executive packages.

The different options for career stages might suggest a more personalized service, but Compared to competitors, Resume Spice comes at a premium

They justify costs based on writer experience and their insider recruitment knowledge. Still, the above-average pricing will be a concern for younger professionals with tight budgets.

What are their guarantees?

Resume Spice guarantees you will land an interview within 60 days of receiving your resume. If no interviews happen, they promise to keep revising your resume until you book one.

This isn’t exactly a unique promise, but we think it’s a mark of a legitimate service.

With that said, Resume Spice’s website lacks clear details on a money-back guarantee if you’re simply dissatisfied with their service. That’s something to keep in mind.

How does Resume Spice compare to other resume writing services?

Resume Spice’s high prices could put them at a disadvantage versus competitors with similar offerings at lower price points.

However, their focus on executive and leadership candidates differentiates them in the market. 

Other companies tend to take a more generalist approach. So senior managers may benefit from Resume Spice’s premium packages suited to C-suite aspirations if the budget allows. reviews

Let’s look at some Resume Spice reviews to see how they perform on different platforms. While generally positive, some users raised concerns about value for money.

Resume Spice reviews from TrustPilot

With an excellent 4.9 rating from 1,389 reviews, it’s safe to say ResumeSpice is highly respected and trusted on TrustPilot – far beyond most services.

Resume Spice reviews from Yelp

Resume Spice scores a respectable 4.2 stars from 6 reviews on Yelp.

Note: we have chosen not to include the single 1-star review, as it’s clearly written by a competitor (and the owner of Resume Spice rightly calls this out in his response).

Resume Spice reviews from Better Business Bureau

Resume Spice generally does well on BBB – the authority on brand trust. While there are some 1-star reviews, it’s worth noting that these are fairly uncommon across all other platforms.

What else should you know?

Now that you’ve seen some real customer reviews, let’s look at some more specifics about Resume Spice to see if they outperform their competitors.

How effective is Resume Spice?

Resume Spice provides no real candidate placement rates or success metrics, making it difficult to gauge how effective they really are.

Reviews for the service are overwhelmingly positive, but anecdotal feedback – often from the kind of people happier to pay a premium – doesn’t properly demonstrate the company’s value in light of their prices.

If you’re not someone with deep pockets, this service might be too much of a leap of faith.

Which other services do they have?

Aside from core resume writing, Resume Spice provides career coaching, cover letters, LinkedIn profile optimization, interview preparation and more job search document assistance. 

However, add-ons come at extra premium costs exceeding market rates.

A cover letter or LinkedIn profile overhaul runs $199 each while interview prep costs $179, thank you notes $129 and bios $199.

It feels like candidates pay a steep price for things other providers tend to bundle into core offers. But, this unbundling does allow for more package customization – so considering Resume Spice’s good reviews, this might be fine for you.

What kind of support do they offer?

Resume Spice offers surprisingly good customer assistance through a website chat function.

Additionally, they have a phone number available so you can discuss questions with representatives before buying.

Between instant messaging and direct phone calls, Resume Spice provides multiple real-time support channels – something not a lot of places offer.

What makes Resume Spice different?

What really sets Resume Spice apart is their commitment to a 100% US-based writing staff.

This is something practically no other provider promises – probably due to the high costs of paying a US freelancer salary vs. elsewhere.

This could go to explain Resume Spice’s pricing decisions, and justify some of those higher costs we mentioned earlier.

On top of this guarantee of native English writing, Resume Spice states that two career coaches review each resume – giving you more oversight and quality assurance than most providers.

How safe is my information?

Resume Spice has a pretty standard privacy policy to legally protect client data. Plus, their recruitment industry ties and corporate client roster instills some confidence in their standards of security.

Large global companies likely demand rigorous protection of applicant information flows. So it’s a good chance your data is safe with them.

Conclusion: is Resume Spice worth the money?

Okay, so we feel we’ve hit Resume Spice a little hard on their price in this review. While they do cost more than other services, their 100% US-based writing staff and connections to the recruitment industry do go some way to explaining this.

Based on their reviews, it seems like this is a competent and legitimate service.

With that said, a lack of concrete success metrics does make it difficult to verify how successful they are in this. But, their strong 60-day interview guarantee shows a certain level of confidence.

Job seekers looking for creative designs or budget-friendly options may find better value elsewhere. But for executives and senior managers, Resume Spice is a trusted and respected option to get your ATS optimized resume written quickly.

(Although as mentioned, there is a 2 week waiting period right now, so do factor that in)