Resume Writing Services Reviews: In-depth analysis of resume services ( with samples!)



We’ll admit – ‘Resume Writing Services’ isn’t the most creative name in the world. But does service quality make up for what RWS lacks in creativity?

If you’re in the market for a professional resume, finding a provider with razor-sharp focus on what they do matters. So perhaps this singular focus on resume writing is no bad thing.

In spite of their relatively small size, Resume Writing Services claims to have connections with top employers, and a roster of serious HR talent.

In this review, we’ll break everything down for you to give you an inside look at how they operate, whether they’re worth the money, and what you can expect.

What does Resume Writing Services do?

Resume Writing Services’ narrow focus is purely on content development for resumes, rather than visual design or creative sparkle.

They claim to have written over 5,000 resumes with a team of 20+ writers. While those numbers pale in comparison to larger rivals, the smaller scale could point to a tighter, more collaborative staff.

Who is this service for?

Resume Writing Services casts a fairly wide net as far as who they claim to work for.

But, with logos of major corporations like Google, Deloitte, and Samsung splashed across their website, it’s likely they’re oriented towards candidates seeking more serious corporate roles.

As RWS says, “our clients have landed jobs at their favorite companies” – suggesting they can help write you a resume specifically geared towards certain companies.

Let’s dig a little deeper and see if these claims hold water.

Resume Writing Services: the pros and cons

More qualified writers
Unlimited revisions
Phone consultations
More 1-on-1 attention
Medium price
Only 20 writers
No success guarantees
Vague 1-week turnaround times
Minimal support contacts
Fewer industries catered to

Resume Writing Services’s process

How does Resume Writing Services’s writing process work?

Resume Writing Services’ process is fairly stripped back.

First, you fill out a questionnaire covering your background and career goals. Next, you’ll be connected one-on-one with a resume writer.

It’s important to note that Resume Writing Services make a big deal about “constant communication” – promising you’ll be able to set up 1-on-1 phone calls with your writer before, during, and after your resume is written.

After collaborating, you’ll receive a completed resume draft.

While far simpler than most competitors, this doesn’t inherently prove effectiveness – both strengths and weaknesses could stem from such a sparse approach.

How long does the process take?

Now, possibly because of their small size, Resume Writing Services only gives a rough estimate of “around a week” for delivery of resumes.

Not a problem if you’re looking for more personalized attention, but this could be an issue for those seeking jobs urgently (as it appears output is limited to the available hours they have).

Also concerning, they promise unlimited revisions but don’t share how long those take. So it’s important to keep this in mind.

However, they do offer a 24-hour expedited option for $50 extra – so there is some wiggle room if you’re in a hurry.

What do Resume Writing Services resumes look like?

Here’s where things get interesting:

While other resume writing services can be a little guarded about their product, RWS openly shows real samples (a refreshingly transparent approach).

Not only that, but these samples are matched up to real clients on their “Success Stories” page. So each sample resume comes with context and a story.

We think this is great, because it lets applicants judge quality for themselves before buying.

At a glance, Resume Writing Service resumes adhere to standard formatting without flashy visuals. Their focus remains on core content rather than splashy design.

Is their platform easy to use?

As mentioned, RWS are pretty small. As such, they don’t offer any kind of real platform.

Communication flows directly between you and your writer via phone and email.

While this could be annoying if you want an easy way to keep track of edits and messages, this stripped back approach works fine if you prefer a more personalized approach (with multiple phone calls as opposed to quickfire messages).

But, it’s worth considering if this “ultra lean” approach will work for you – especially if you’re too busy to keep an eye on your inbox.

How qualified are Resume Writing Services’s writers?

Another area where Resume Writing Services stands out is in their openness about writers credentials – uncommon in the resume industry.

Their Resume Writers page has a list highlighting their top staff, largely former recruiters with a minimum of 10+ years’ experience.

As far as their actual experience, they claim to handpick only the top 2-3% of people who apply to be writers. Not exactly a unique claim. But it does feel like they take efforts to maintain standards far beyond what some of the more “black-box” resume services do.

Still, covering 30+ industries with such a small team makes it less likely you’ll get a real sectoral expert. So it’s important you take a look for yourself to decide if this service is worth it.

Resume Writing Services’s Pricing, Packages & Guarantees

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly given Resume Writing Services’ name), there are no tiered packages.

Instead, RWS opt for a single “RESUME PACKAGE” costing $270.

This simplicity lines up with their stripped-down model, but it could be lacking in extras common elsewhere.

What are their guarantees?

Rather than offer specific guarantees about job placements or interview rates, their promise is more open-ended: unlimited revisions.

This means that if a customer is not fully satisfied with their resume draft for any reason, Resume Writing Services will continue making edits and adjustments until the resume meets your needs.

While this is fairly generous compared to other services, it’s likely your goal is to land an interview or a job, not spend forever whittling down the same documents.

So before you make a decision, wait until we look at some reviews to see if there are any patterns of success or failure that can give you a little more info.

How does Resume Writing Services compare to other resume writing services?

When stacked up against other resume writing companies, Resume Writing Services stands out in a few key ways.

First and foremost, their writers are certified by industry associations including the National Resume Writers Association (NRWA), Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW), and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC).

For customers who value accreditation, this level of professional development among the writers could be seen as a definite bonus. reviews

Given their generic name, you might struggle to find reviews of online. To help, we’ve put together a shortlist of customer reviews from the few websites you can find them on.

Resume Writing Services reviews from TrustPilot

Coming in at 4.2 stars from 7 reviewers, RWS fares quite well on TrustPilot. Users compare them favorably to other services.

Resume Writing Services reviews from SiteJabber

With 39 reviews and a rating of 4.82, SiteJabber’s audience is overwhelmingly in support of RWS. Highlights include their professionalism, but some complain about slow communication.

What else should you know?

So, reviews are good. The company has a simple, solid writing package. But is there anything else you might’ve missed?

Let’s take a look at the service’s effectiveness, so you can make a decision more easily.

How effective is Resume Writing Services?

When it comes to measuring Resume Writing Services’ success, there isn’t much to go on.

Sure, they offer “Success Stories”, and have more than a few good reviews elsewhere.

But, the lack of detailed metrics (like job placement or interview close rates) makes it difficult to fully assess their success.

As a relatively new business – opening in the last few years – they may not have robust tracking of long-term effectiveness. So this lack of transparency is understandable, but it might give you pause for thought.

Which other services do they have?

Beyond resumes, Resume Writing Services offers a few handy add ons.

Namely, the ability to add a Cover Letter for $50, LinkedIn profile writing for $80, Thank You letters for $20, one-hour of interview coaching for $100, and expedited 24-hour delivery for $50.

While they lack the variety of options of a larger resume writing business, we like that you can simply add what you want to the base package – as opposed to having to manually upgrade to a higher-tier package just to get extras like “coaching” or “24-hour delivery”.

What kind of support do they offer?

As a relatively small service, there isn’t much support beyond a simple contact form on this page.

So while they offer 1-on-1 coaching with writers, you might have to wait a few days to get any pre-sale questions answered. 

What makes Resume Writing Services different?

Okay, so really the thing that makes RWS stand out most is the level of direct writer access you get.

Their only package comes with phone consultation as standard. So once you purchase anything from them, you’ll be assigned a writer who you can make unlimited phone and email contact with.

Yes – that means customers can schedule as many calls as they want to ask questions.

For those wanting more individualized attention and back-and-forth dialogue to perfect their resume, this unlimited consultation is (extremely) rare among competitors.

How safe is my information?

When using Resume Writing Services, customers can expect industry-standard data collection and privacy practices. As disclosed in their privacy policy, the company utilizes typical technologies like cookies, log files, pixels and web beacons.

Their overall policy language is more generic and not customized with specifics on protecting sensitive career search information that resume writing services often handle. But they appear to at least meet baseline requirements.

Conclusion: is Resume Writing Services worth the money?

To sum things up, Resume Writing Services appears to be a legitimate service that packs a punch in spite of its small size.

With a focus on 1-on-1 coaching and unlimited phone consultations, those wanting a more personalized approach will likely be happy.

However, limitations stem from their niche size and lack of process transparency. Trying to cover 30+ industries with only 20 writers likely limits the scope of what they can truly handle.

With that said, they do offer some impressive resume writing samples on their “Success Stories” page. So it appears Resume Writing Services is a semi-affordable option for those looking for a little more personalization from their resume writers, even if they might not pack the punch of a larger service with hundreds of writers to hand.