ResumeGo Reviews: User Opinions, Price, and Alternatives



Thinking about using ResumeGo for your career journey? There are some good reasons to.

At first glance, ResumeGo stands out from most other professional CV writing services by putting a big emphasis on 1-on-1 career coaching. Meaning you’re guaranteed to get phone-time with your writer (something not a lot of places offer).

But do they deliver on that promise, and are they really worth the money?

In this review, we’ll look deeply at their services to give you a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes, and whether their 1-on-1 approach can help you land more interviews and jobs.

What does ResumeGo do?

Unlike competitors shouting about “Applicant Tracking Systems”, ResumeGo likes to downplay the ATS angle in their marketing. 

Instead, their focus is squarely on combining professional resume writing services with 1-on-1 coaching, and a splash of good design.

As we’ll discuss, this could be interesting for job seekers looking for a more personalized, less template-heavy approach to resume writing.

Who is this service for?

ResumeGo doesn’t explicitly say who their ideal clients are. But a slightly higher price tag could suggest they’re more suitable for senior-level job seekers.

Having said that, the service is perfectly suitable for professionals at just about any career level. As long as you’re willing to spend slightly more for that 1-on-1 approach.

Now, while ResumeGo claims they can handle any number of specialist industries, there’s a surprising lack of information on how they deliver this.

Later, we’ll look more at how their resume writing process works. Just know that ResumeGo advertises a more customer-centric process than most other services.

ResumeGo: the pros and cons

Positive reviews
Built in 1-on-1 writer consultation
More focus on quality than ATS
Transparent writer list
Money-back guarantee
Positive reviews
Built-in 1-on-1 writer consultation
More focus on quality than ATS
Transparent writer list
Money-back guarantee

ResumeGo’s process

How does ResumeGo’s writing process work?

After selecting and paying for a package, applicants fill out a career questionnaire.

Within 24 hours of completing this form, ResumeGo will match you with a writer.

From here, you can schedule a 1-on-1 intake call to go over your goals and career story.

As we’ve mentioned, this phone consultation really does stand out in the world of resume writing services.

How long does the process take?

ResumeGo promises to match you with a personal career coach within 24 hours of your order.

However, the precise turnaround time for first drafts is unclear. Some customers report receiving initial drafts within days, while others flag extended delays well beyond expectations.

With no concrete deadlines like “4-day resume delivery” offered by competitors, ResumeGo leaves the timeline open-ended based on writer availability. 

Being charitable, this flexibility likely intends to focus on quality over rushed quantity.

With no clearly defined timeline given, customers on a tight deadline may risk running into delays that could jeopardize more urgent applications. For those with flexibility, the open-ended approach may not pose an issue (or might even be a less stressful approach).

What do ResumeGo resumes look like?

Now, for all ResumeGo’s talk of creating standout personal branding for job seekers, they have a noticeable lack of real resume design examples.

Beyond a few stock resume images floating around the website, applicants have little to go off when deciding if the final product justifies the higher price tag.

Honestly, with such prominent “exceptional design” messaging, we expected a couple more readily available resume writing samples.

So whether they can really deliver something that sparkles creatively remains to be seen.

Having said that, there is a page where you can see example resumes for candidates.

Is their platform easy to use?

Here’s where things get a little murky:

Exactly how customers interact with career coaches beyond their intro call is left pretty vague. No dashboard or portal is mentioned, and details are light as far as how feedback and resume drafts even get delivered.

If ResumeGo has a specific way of working – quite frankly – we haven’t found it. But none of this suggests they’re not a competent, capable business. It’s just something to consider.

How qualified are ResumeGo’s writers?

On a positive note, ResumeGo shines in writer transparency.

With a large list of writer credentials and specialties, you get to learn a lot more about who you’re going to work with than most major resume writing services.

This makes sense, considering they put such a big emphasis on 1-on-1 coaching (where there’s zero mystery as to who you’re working with).

With that said, at just 40 people, they do have a modest roster of talent compared to some of the bigger players – which does call into question whether they have true expertise in more niche careers or roles. So it’s worth considering this if you’re in a highly-technical industry.

(A quick side note: ResumeGo does appear to focus on writer talent, with the claim that only 3% of people who apply to be writers make it through).

ResumeGo’s Pricing, Packages & Guarantees

ResumeGo resume packages range from $360 to $600 – a price tag around 50% higher than competitors on average.

This premium rate is probably reflective of their 1-on-1 career coaching model.

So while these prices might shut out more entry-level job seekers, you’re theoretically paying for a more VIP treatment with heavier personalization.

But until we explore ResumeGo reviews, it’s hard to say if they deliver on this promise.

What are their guarantees?

ResumeGo set themselves apart by offering a full money-back guarantee, and unlimited revisions for 14 days, with complimentary LinkedIn profile optimization as part of their packages.

These kinds of guarantees usually show a level of confidence that they can pull off what they say. And as a safety net, it’s likely to calm buyers worried about their higher prices.

How does ResumeGo compare to other resume writing services?

As we’ve discussed, ResumeGo really champions that direct 1-on-1 writer contact – framing their service as “career coaching” more than just resume writing.

Whether this is something you want to pay more for is up to you. But it’s certainly a more customer-centric approach to business than some of their competitors. reviews

Now, ResumeGo actually does quite well on the review sites. Here are some of the best and worst reviews from the main platforms you can find them on:

ResumeGo reviews from TrustPilot

With an average 4.1 rating from 65 reviewers, users complimented the readability of their new resumes but complained about the true personalization of them.

ResumeGo reviews from SiteJabber

At 4.55 stars from 141 reviews, ResumeGo performs well on SiteJabber. Users suggest the service help them land more interviews, but some say the rewrites are pretty unoriginal.

What else should you know?

Okay, so the reviews don’t fully back up ResumeGo’s claims of being a more personalized and bespoke service… but, there are definitely big pluses to the service.

In this section, we’ll take a look at how effective their resumes are in the real world, and whether there are any added extras that might sway you towards them.

How effective is ResumeGo?

One of the surprising things about ResumeGo is the fact they do their own research.

And in light of this, their proprietary research data shows their services garner applicants a 37% increased rate of landing job interviews.

While that’s not bad, it’s a far cry from the lofty 200-300% improvement claims some of their competitors make.

Having said that, 37% is a much more organic number (apparently based on proprietary research), so it could hold more water in terms of realistic outcomes from using the service.

Still, does less than half added incremental chances of landing an interview justify the $360 to $600 price tag of getting “1-on-1 career coaching”?

Which other services do they have?

ResumeGo keeps things nice and clear when it comes to the services they provide. While  professional resume writing is their bread and butter, they also offer LinkedIn profile optimization and professionally written cover letters.

And for job seekers who really want the full treatment, ResumeGo provides the option to purchase a Thank You letter as well.

Though not included as standard, it’s nice to have the option to revamp your entire application strategy with a single, reliable business – working with someone you can actually talk to.

What kind of support do they offer?

Oddly enough for a resume company that prides itself on 1-on-1 communication, ResumeGo doesn’t seem to have any direct customer support options.

The only way to get in touch with questions or issues is through a basic contact form on their website.

Customers could be left frustrated trying to get questions answered pre-sale, or post-purchase.

What makes ResumeGo different?

We’ve already talked enough about ResumeGo’s 1-on-1 approach to resume writing, with phone consultations on every package, and a small roster of qualified writers.

So instead, why don’t we look at something completely different?

What really makes ResumeGo stand out is their dedication to research aimed at improving their resume writing process.

As stated on their website, this “cutting edge research has been covered extensively by national media outlets such as Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Fortune.”

They even provide a link to a page that aggregates said research.

Of course, whether or not this translates into better resumes (when they only claim to get 37% more interviews for their clients) is questionable. But it’s still interesting, we think.

How safe is my information?

Not much to say about privacy, other than ResumeGo uses a boilerplate policy. For applicants in more sensitive industries, it could be worth double-checking this:

While the business does use personal data for advertising purposes, they don’t share with third-parties – something that will be a relief for some.

Conclusion: is ResumeGo worth the money?

If you’re focused solely on value for money, ResumeGo might not be the best option. With packages including resume writing starting at $360, they’re not a low budget service. Especially if you opt for extras like LinkedIn profile writing or Thank You letters (all paid).

However, if you want to talk to the person writing your resume, and you want a guarantee that they know what they’re doing, ResumeGo appears to be a good option.

Reviews are largely positive, with a lot of compliments going to that 1-on-1 coaching with writers.
So unless you really require an intensive resume overhaul and 1-on-1 guidance, more affordable providers likely exist that can deliver sufficient (or, in some cases, better) results.