Resumeble Reviews 2024: How Effective is this CV Writing Service (with Resume Samples)



Just because you’re in a rush to advance your career, that doesn’t mean your resume should be a rush job. 

While others rely on templates and AI builders, Resumeble promises to write you a customized “winning” resume in as little as 4 days – to land you more interviews and jobs than ever before.

How successful are they? Well, with an interview close rate of 98.4%, on paper they have the stats to back up their confidence.

Before you make a decision, make sure to keep reading: this 2024 review covers everything you need to know about Resumable’s turnaround times, resume writing quality, and customer testimonials. Plus, you’ll get to see us submit our own resume for a refresh.

What does Resumeble do?

It’s true – a fancy resume doesn’t mean much if the writing fails to communicate your value.

So it’s a good thing Resumeble pride themselves on writing resumes that go beyond ATS, and score well with actual decision makers.

In an industry where many companies focus more on stuffing documents with keywords and jargon, it’s refreshing to see a service dare to be different.

By using their in-house writers (a mix of former HR insiders and industry experts), Resumeble promises to turn your current skills into interview and career success.

What’s more, they offer cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile makeovers, CV writing, and even follow-up emails. Making Resumeble something of a one-stop-shop for job seekers.

Who is this service for?

With experts in 80 industries, Resumeble promises to help you no matter your background – whether you need a resume for an entry-level job, or a way to advance to C-Suite.

It’s interesting to note that they also handle challenging cases. Resumeble says they’ve even helped clients with decade-long employment gaps land new jobs.

What’s more, Resumeble offers ‘backup industry resumes’. So even if you’re unsure which career path to take, you can pay a small fee to increase your options and have a safety net while applying for jobs.

Resumeble: a quick rundown of benefits

Core benefits of Resumeble:
4-day turnaround for first drafts
Focus on readability not just ATS
Easy-to-use dashboard
30-minute phone consultations available
Writers from HR and recruiting backgrounds

Resumeble’s process

Before checking out customer opinions, let’s go through Resumable’s process step by step. That way, you can get a better sense of what it’s like working with them.

How does Resumeble’s writing process work?

To really put Resumeble to the test, we submitted our own resume last week. Here’s how it went:

First, we filled out an order form with details on our background and career goals.

Then, we took Resumable’s short career assessment which helped match us to a writer with expertise in our field.

Since we wanted the most personalized service possible, we paid a bit extra ($50) to add a 30-minute phone consultation, and scheduled the call for the next day.

Over the phone, our writer – Amanda – really took time to understand our experience and goals. With her guidance, we managed to pick out some overlooked skills, and even include some extra career info we’d left out.

With a little back-and-forth via Resumeble’s messaging system, 4 days later we were looking at a totally refreshed resume.

How long does the process take?

As mentioned, the whole process took around 5 days. 4 days for the actual writing process, and 1 day for some minor revisions to a couple of words.

Honestly, we found the rapid turnaround time impressive considering the level of personalization. Many services rely on templates or AI resume builders to deliver fast but noticeably lower quality documents – so this was a good balance.

If you’re really in a rush, 4 days may be a little too long for some. But we’d say it’s worth it if you’re looking for higher quality (and it’s a lot faster than some of the 1-2 week providers).

What do Resumeble resumes look like?

Considering how resumes should look, we were impressed not just by the visual hierarchy, but Resumeble’s wording too. Things flow in a natural way and don’t feel artificial.

As you can see below, the comparison between before and after is striking. Our writer didn’t just reformat our old resume, but created something entirely new – which is much cleaner and more professional.


Some resume writing services focus on flashy formatting, but we found a good balance between polished presentation and meaningful content.

Plus, the resume was sent as a doc file, which makes it easy to edit.

Is their platform easy to use?

Unlike some email-only services, we found Resumeble’s platform extremely useful. It kept all of our messages and documents in one place – while alerting us via email when things changed.

After completing the order form, we scheduled a 30-minute phone consultation with Amanda (our writer) from the dashboard. From then on, we messaged her straight from the platform.

This made the process of writing a resume a lot easier.

With that said, Resumeble doesn’t stand out much in this area, as quite a few other services offer similar platforms – but Resumeble is one of the ones that does it well.

If you’re looking for a frictionless ordering and writing process, we really do recommend finding a service that offers an integrated platform like this one, it can make a big difference.

How qualified are Resumeble’s writers?

As far as credentials go, Resumeble promises a team of industry experts, former HR professionals, and ex-recruiters.

How accurate is this? Surprisingly, pretty accurate. And we’re impressed by their transparency…

On Resumeble’s writer page, you can see a list of their top writers with bios, credentials, and even reviews. What’s more, you can see how many resumes each has written (with many cracking an impressive 1,000+).

This level of openness about their writers’ real-world experience is a really stand out feature of the service.

So between individual industry expertise and Resumable’s own writer vetting standards, they appear well-equipped to turn career stories into results.

Resumeble’s Pricing, Packages & Guarantees

Now, Resumeble offers three tiered packages depending on experience level and needs:

At $157, the standard package gives entry-level job seekers an ATS-friendly resume and cover letter draft in 4 days, with the option of 3 revisions and direct writer messaging.

Their mid-level Professional package at $297 adds a LinkedIn profile overhaul and 60-day interview guarantee alongside unlimited revisions.

Finally, the Premium executive package at $397 adds to the above a backup industry resume, follow-up emails, recruiter outreach, a 180-day job guarantee, free 30-minute phone consultation, and access to Resumeble’s top 5 writers.

It’s interesting to note that Resumeble’s executive service – and basically all their packages – are comparatively better value than most of the big players. (For example, TopResume charges around $300 more for their executive package).

So if you’re looking for results on a budget, Resumeble could be one of the better services for you – combining affordability with an impressive level of transparency about their writers and results.

What are their guarantees?

As far as their guarantees go, Resumeble offers enough security to calm worried job seekers, but not so much protection that it feels gimmicky or unbelievable.

For their mid and upper-level packages, a 60-day interview guarantee means – if you don’t land interviews for whatever reason – Resumeble will keep working on your resume as long as it takes to get you there (at no extra cost).

For premium packages, a 180-day job guarantee comes with a full money-back option.

We feel guarantees like this are good, because it’s clear Resumeble are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Some other providers will write you a resume, and then send you off with a “good luck”. But Resumeble guides you through much more of the journey.

How does Resumeble compare to other resume writing services?

Here’s where things get interesting:

Compared to other resume writing services, Resumeble stands alone in their personalized approach to career storytelling (something not a lot of other places seem to prioritize).

As we’ve seen, they’re able to take underwhelming resumes, and transform them into documents that truly capture something special – even if you feel unsure about your skills.

Beating ATS with keywords might be okay for some, but anyone looking for a big step up in their career should care more about resonating with people who matter.

In spite of this level of personalization, Resumeble can also deliver a quality first draft in as little as 4 working days from ordering. Making them one of the fastest services, without sacrificing quality (or relying on templates or AI).

So we’d say, if making the right impression is something you care about, Resumable could be a worthwhile career partner. It could save you a lot of frustration in the long run. reviews

To give you a better sense of opinions about Resumeble, we’re going to look at reviews on a handful of major sites.

Resumeble reviews from TrustPilot

Resumeble earns an impressive 4.5 stars across 196 reviews on TrustPilot, with most customers praising speed and personalization.

Resumeble reviews from SiteJabber

With a near-perfect 4.89 stars based on 112 reviews, SiteJabber reviewers seem overwhelmingly happy with the service. In particular, praising writers’ communicativeness.

What else should you know?

Given some pretty stellar reviews, it’s important you understand Resumable’s actual track record of success. We wanted to see some hard evidence backing up their reputation.

How effective is Resumeble?

We’ve already talked a little about Resumeble’s approach to crafting resumes. So how effective are they in the real world?

Resumable claims 98.4% of their clients land interviews within 30 days of working with them, giving us a much clearer picture of how they perform than some other services.

To be clear: companies like ZipJob only vaguely promise to get you “three times more” interviews, and larger competitors like TopResume make no real success claims at all.

By sharing real figures, Resumeble does a lot to calm job seeker nerves. As it’s clear they’re happy to stake their reputation on true, tangible success numbers, rather than just branding.

Which other services do they have?

Unlike competitors locked into bundled packages, Resumeble allows mixing and matching from their menu. In fact, you can buy individual services to cover just about everything you’d need:

Cover letter writing is available for $99. CV writing services are offered for $149. Standalone resume w is $129. And a full LinkedIn profile makeover costs $129.

You can even kick start things with a totally free resume review.

So while Resumeble does sell packages, customers are able to access CV writing or LinkedIn services without being locked into a full career overhaul.

What kind of support do they offer?

When it comes to getting support, Resumeble makes it easy to get your questions answered. 

Right on their homepage, they share a phone number you can use to speak to someone directly about their process. For those who prefer email, you can also reach out to their dedicated support address at [email protected].

Having quick access to real people via phone or email means you can get all the info you need, whether you’re already working with Resumeble, or just thinking about their service.

What makes Resumeble different?

Honestly, we’d say it’s their unique 4-day turnaround. It makes for a service that’s fast, yet more in-depth than competitors offering drafts in 24 hours – often built from templates.

Another key area where Resumeble stands out is their focus on what happens after your new resume makes it past ATS.

A lot of CV writing services tend to lean heavily on ATS as a selling point. Which is strange, because that’s no guarantee you’re getting a document that’ll get people excited to hire you.

(And in some cases, it can even make for worse writing – with keyword-heavy chunks of text being harder to read).

But Resumable takes a different approach. You’ll actually work closely with your writer (over the phone or via direct messages) to customize and fine-tune your resume so that it doesn’t just check boxes, but actually reflects your authentic strengths to people reading it.

We think this is a smart approach. Plus, Resumeble’s interview and job guarantees show they’re clearly confident in their approach too.

How safe is my information?

When it comes to protecting your info, Resumeble tries to give users control and transparency around their data.

According to their privacy policy, any third-party monitoring is strictly for internal analytics and marketing. More importantly, account holders have the right to access, update, or delete personal data directly through their account settings (useful for sensitive industries).

Conclusion: is Resumeble worth the money?

Here’s the truth: for those looking for very basic resumes, this service might be slightly too advanced. But if you want a more strategic approach to landing jobs, Resumeble stands head and shoulders above the competition in their level of personalization and expertise.

Believe us – we’ve seen many CV writing services claiming to be effective, when they’re actually just lightly reworking old resumes and cramming as many ATS keywords in as they can…

Resumeble is a cut above.

Now in terms of what career level they’re best for, it’s hard to say. Their tiered packages and expertise in 80+ industries mean they offer resume personalization to anyone from entry-level to executive. And based on reviews, people at various career stages saw great results.

The resume we sent in was for a more mid-level role, and we were impressed by the quality and insight we got back.

While their resumes could be a little more exciting in terms of formatting, this is a pretty minor point. It’s the career story that’s going to make a difference, and Resumeble clearly knows how to handle that (as evidenced by their 98.4% interview success rate).

If you’re interested in giving your career a boost, why not kick start things with a free resume review, or head over to Resumeble’s website to learn more.