Resume Now Reviews: Is free and does it really work?



Taking a break from our series of resume writing company reviews, we’re looking at a different kind of service: Resume Now.

Imagine going from “blank page” to “new resume” in only a few clicks. Now imagine you can fire off 5 variations of that resume in a matter of minutes, and the whole thing is ATS-ready.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to find out. In this review, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of this AI-powered resume builder to see if it really delivers what it promises.

We’ll also breakdown customer reviews and opinions to see if there’s more to this company than meets the eye.

What does Resume Now do?

Resume Now’s main offer is an easy-to-use resume builder that leverages AI to generate content and create templates optimized for ATS.

In short, they promise a start-to-finish resume creation process that could – theoretically – take you less than 60 seconds.

A pretty exciting idea. But personally, we were pretty skeptical about the whole thing. So keep reading to see if this AI builder is a hit or a miss.

Who is this service for?

Right off the bat, it’s important to say that Resume Now is best suited for those needing a resume quickly, like students or entry-level job seekers.

Since the AI-generated content really only covers the basics without much depth, it only works well for simple, cost-effective resumes.

For anyone going for more technical roles, the amount of editing you’d need to do to get things in a ready-state would probably just negate the whole point of using an AI builder, sadly.

Resume Now: the pros and cons

Cheap alternative to writing services
Gives you ATS friendly templates
Very easy-to-use interface
Instantly generated AI content
No guarantees of interview success
AI content might be wrong
Questionable charging practices
Not a US-based company

Resume Now’s process

So, exactly how does Resume Now work? We’ll run through their process, and pull out details we think are important to know. That way, you can get a better sense of what they offer.

How does Resume Now’s writing process work?

The process of creating your resume through Resume Now seems straightforward (at first).

First, you pick options based on your level and industry, then choose a template you like visually. After this, you start inputting things like jobs and education, while AI automatically generates content suggestions for you to select between.

While it feels good to be able to quickly scan through a list of options, the amount of careers this actually works for is limited.

Now, here’s where things fall apart:

After investing time building out your entire resume, you try to download your finished product only to be asked for payment before access.

This is the #1 complaint of many job seekers who saw no indication of pricing or payment on Resume Now’s homepage – and rightly feel tricked by the process.

We feel these kinds of bait-and-switch marketing tactics are at best: annoying, and at worst: cruel. So it’s important to know this going in.

How long does the process take?

True to its goal of speed and convenience, Resume Now touts the ability to create a resume in mere minutes through its automated AI content generation.

However, that rapid speed comes at the cost of personalization and depth, since the AI has limitations to how much nuanced information it can really generate

So while you can make edits to self-written sections afterwards, that does slightly defeat the purpose and appeal of an AI-focused resume building service.

What do Resume Now resumes look like?

Resume Now gives you customization options via dozens of templates, and AI-generated content suggestions that allow you to pick phrasing and details you like.

So on the surface, you can select the resume design that appeals to you the most – and fill that with content that expresses what you’ve achieved.

However… without any real expert guidance on a template that fits your particular industry and goals, the formatting may or may not actually be optimized.

Job seekers using this service are putting a lot of faith in the system that each template is actually suitable for the kind of roles they’re going for.

Is their platform easy to use?

Ease of use is clearly a priority for Resume Now. They have an incredibly simple platform and dashboard that is straightforward to navigate.

The resume builder itself allows you to breeze through picking templates and inputting basic information. However, you have limited control over AI commands, and any generated content often requires heavy editing to get right.

Given the few inputs Resume Now’s algorithm uses, you may end up rewriting much of the text it spits out.

Resume Now’s Pricing, Packages & Guarantees

The lack of pricing transparency is an issue with Resume Now’s model. After investing time building a resume, you’re hit with a price popup of $2.45 for 14 days of access.

While this is incredibly cheap, it’s still an extremely annoying practice likely to put a lot of people off.

Additionally, difficulty getting refunds for unused purchases or claims of being overcharged have been voiced by some reviewers (we’ll explore this more later).

What are their guarantees?

As an AI-powered resume builder rather than a dedicated writing service, Resume Now does not provide any guarantees about the quality of content or effectiveness in securing interviews.

That’s right – there is no assurance that formatting or content will work for your industry.

So for job seekers wanting more certainty that their resume will impress hiring managers, other services like Resumeble with actual writers may be preferable.

How does Resume Now compare to other resume writing services?

The lack of human oversight or real expertise with Resume Now’s AI-only approach means the responsibility falls entirely on your shoulders to judge the quality of your resume.

Without writers screening for errors or optimizing content for each job, you may sacrifice depth, personalization, and potentially even opportunities.

Really, you’re paying for automated convenience rather than industry knowledge. And an AI can’t match the skill of real humans when it comes to positioning your experience and abilities in the best possible light.

For those wanting a more polished, professional resume tailored to their goals, it may be better to utilize actual resume writing services. reviews

Okay, the reviews are where things get a little murky for Resume Now.

While it bills itself as a quick, easy way to create resumes using AI, there are questions about their charging practice. To stay impartial, we’re going to let the reviews speak for themselves.

Resume Now reviews from TrustPilot

Coming in at a score of 4.4 from 8,236 reviewers, Resume Now leans more towards the “great” side of TrustPilot brands.

But many (around 7%) of all reviewers left a 1-star complaint, mainly talking about shady billing practices.

Resume Now reviews from SiteJabber

Resume Now has a rating of 4.49 stars from 3,857 reviews on SiteJabber, indicating that most customers are satisfied. Yet the same billing issue is mentioned by around 200+ users.

Resume Now reviews from the Better Business Bureau

To get more clarity on this issue, we looked to the BBB – a site that rates brand trust. Reviewers here are far less complimentary, raising again and again the issue of surprise charges.

What else should you know?

Look, it seems like reviews are mixed for the service. Generally, they’re great. But quite a few customers (more than most services) complain about charging practices.

To give you a clearer picture of things, let’s explore Resume Now’s service in more depth so you can make an honest judgement:

How effective is Resume Now?

The effectiveness of Resume Now is questionable based on some incredibly mixed customer reviews, ranging from “okay” to scathing complaints about quality.

Their claim of helping job seekers find jobs 2x faster relies on a tiny survey sample (based on only 300 respondents).

Without any other success data, it’s hard to measure how successful this service really is.

With this in mind, applicants should proceed with realistic expectations as to AI’s capabilities. Resume Now may provide speed and affordability but falls short on evidence and oversight.

Which other services do they have?

Aside from resume building, Resume Now also provides a letter creator and CV builder working off the same convenient – yet limited – AI model.

Somewhat helpfully, each service includes step-by-step guides for maximizing the AI tools’ effectiveness.

However, technological limitations mean true customization (without you basically rewriting the whole thing after it’s generated) may fall short of a dedicated resume writing service.

So while cover letters and CVs follow the platform’s ease of use through automation, don’t expect the same quality or personalization you would get from writers specifically adapting your documents and messaging for each opportunity.

What kind of support do they offer?

Resume Now has a customer support number to call for issues or questions before purchasing their services.

What makes Resume Now different?

Simple: Resume Now aims to provide speed and control through automation rather than human oversight.

This AI focus allows applicants to take full control of the creation process by themselves, selecting content options generated automatically.

While this is a far cry from working with a professional, it does mean you can spin up a professionally-formatted ATS-compliant resume faster than anywhere else.

So for those wanting to piece together a resume with some helpful tech tools, Resume Now does give you more independence, but has clear limitations in consistency and quality assurance.

How safe is this service?

As we’ve mentioned, Resume Now’s transparency around billing has been questioned – repeatedly.

A very common complaint across reviews involves customers being overcharged without any way to get a refund. The company’s practices around payments and accountability therefore deserve extra consideration before you try this service.

For more specific warnings, you can check out posts on the Better Business Bureau website.

While the low price tag seems harmless, hidden costs and inability to resolve overcharging issues have led many to warn others against the service. Fair billing and security of payments should be baseline expectations, so this history of problems poses legitimate concerns around trusting them as a safe resume platform. Proceed carefully.

Conclusion: is Resume Now worth the money?

At the end of the day, Resume Now offers a fast, affordable way to draft a resume with the help of technology, but expects you to do the heavy lifting on actual content.

Their AI approach works for basic resumes, but sacrifices the quality assurances and customization that more serious applicants want.

With inconsistent billing practices also a lingering worry, Resume Now is likely best for those seeking speed and convenience above all else – including peace of mind.
For other job seekers wanting expertise, personalization, and performance guarantees, it pays to work with actual resume writers. Resume Now provides welcome simplicity to some, but falls glaringly short for those needing more to stand out in competitive job searches.