Reviews: Is free and how does it work? (with samples)



Pinch us, we’re dreaming: a 100% free resume builder? It’s hard to believe, but let’s review this.

With so many “freemium” products cluttering up the resume writing space – tricking users into building documents then slapping them with surprise fees – it’s refreshing to say:

Yes – appears to be totally free to use, but it’s not without limitations.

To find out more, we’ll look at some online reviews and see how this service stacks up against paid competitors. We’ll also examine what experts are saying in order to give an honest assessment about whether really works.

What does do? prides itself on giving users free access to resume and cover letter templates in various styles, along with tools to customize them.

As a company closely connected with, there are also ways to share finished documents directly with employers.

Although promotes AI features, these are yet to launch. Instead, users are asked to join a waitlist. This might be frustrating to some.

Who is this service for?

Now, based on the very corporate-style templates offered, seems best suited for those applying to traditional business roles rather than more creative positions.

Since the promised AI writing feature is yet to be launched, applicants wanting more serious help writing resume content will still need to hire a pro resume writer.

As mentioned earlier, is closely associated with To the point that you can only log in using your account (slightly annoying if you don’t have one).

This connection implies a focus on early to mid-career candidates rather than senior executives, as Indeed listings tend to max out below $100k, while C-suite openings tend to use more exclusive platforms.

In short,’s free tools will appeal more to junior to mid-level professionals seeking basic DIY formatting, rather than a bespoke writing service. the pros and cons

100% free, no catch, no paywall
Pre-written sections for some jobs
Relatively easy to use builder
ATS compliant templates
Clean and professional look
No AI writer feature yet
Pretty bland templates
No testimonials on website
Few careers have pre-built text
No real expert guidance’s process

Now we’ve covered the basics, let’s break down what happens before, during, and after you sign up for

How does’s writing process work?

The process of building a resume on kicks off with the unusual request to log in to your Indeed account. Some may find this off putting due to privacy concerns.

But once you’re past the login screen, you can select a template, input basic person and experience details, and start personalizing your resume content.

You can write your own messaging, or choose from a limited set of pre-written text – though professional niche options are noticeably lacking.

For example, during our review there were no suggested texts for specialized roles like chef or engineer.

The final step is downloading your resume as a PDF (and no – there’s no paywall!)

While the basics are there for DIY formatting, expect to write most of the profiling details yourself, with little guidance for those in less common fields.

How long does the process take?

Compared to full-service resume writing companies, completing the process on takes significantly longer since the content creation is entirely handled by you.

The limited pre-written text options only cover common job titles, forcing most users to write their own profiling.

As there is currently no AI writer feature, users should view this tool as more of a visual builder rather than a writing aid. Be prepared to dedicate more time to personalizing the content.

What do resumes look like?

As far as the actual resumes go, the templates offered by definitely go for ATS compliance and professionalism over individuality.

What we’re saying is, expect monotone black text on white backgrounds across the board.

Funnily enough,’s homepage pretends to show off a range of resume templates focused on “education”, “skill”, and “personality”. But in reality, these look practically identical.

It’s as if visual control was handed to a CFO instead of a designer… and they came back with 12 identical documents.

Having said that, this isn’t a big issue if you’re looking for ATS compliance over striking looks.

Is their platform easy to use?

The platform is relatively easy to use, with a straightforward resume building interface – slightly bogged down by some clunky elements.

It can be annoying to write 35-words minimum in a section just to unlock previews. And backend template customization feels less modern and dynamic than the slick homepage promises.

However, for basic resumes, the tool allows reasonably intuitive formatting and editing.

Those with more complex career stories might struggle to visually organize everything with the limited design options, but overall things are clean, quick, and easy on the eyes.’s Pricing & Guarantees

The “free” aspect of might raise eyebrows, so let’s try and figure out what’s true and what’s just marketing.

Is free? proudly advertises a 100% free model.

While this isn’t a unique claim, the fact it’s true certainly is. Users really can access all templates and tools with zero cost.

The one main catch is that guests not signing in with an Indeed account can only access their in-progress resumes for 48 hours – forcing login for long-term editing.

So as long as you use your Indeed credentials, resume building and downloads are completely free of charge. delivers its free promise, just with temporary access for guests.

How does compare to other resume writing services?

For job seekers wary of false marketing, is one of the few truly free platforms.

This is a complete breath of fresh air. Especially when compared to competitors running bait-and-switch “freemium” services (we’re looking at you Resume Now).

While limited visually,’s templates still output presentable resumes and cover letters for free. But the pre-written text is lacking, so may require a fair amount of  editing.

Applicants on tight budgets who want basic templates and are comfortable writing their own profiles should 100% consider over paysites with dubious practices. reviews

This is important: we’d like to remain impartial here, so here’s the full story. While planning on analyzing customer reviews, we ran into some strange things.

Firstly, many of the reviews refer to credit cards, bills, and “introductory prices”.

As far as we can tell, has zero bills involved, so it’s unclear whether the company changed its business model (as recently as July 2023 based on some reviews), or if these are reviews for another brand. It’s important you know this, so proceed with this warning. reviews from TrustPilot

As mentioned, it’s unclear why some reviews refer to “small fees”, so take the 1.8 rating on TrustPilot with a grain of salt. reviews from SiteJabber fares better (and perhaps more accurately) on SiteJabber, with 3.98 stars based on 19 reviews. Most customers are happy with the service, with no stand out negative reviews.

What else should you know?

Now that we’ve explained this strange review situation, let’s get back to looking at the service’s effectiveness. That way, you can make your own call on whether to take for a test spin.

How effective is makes a few bold claims. Namely, that they’ve helped 6 million people land jobs with their tools – impressive numbers if accurate.

However, real testimonials are conspicuously absent from their site.

Most competitors tend to blast you with inspiring reviews and success stories. So while certainly is free, they do little to back up their claims with real success numbers.

Applicants will likely have to take their word that the templates provided are ATS compliant, and help rather than hinder job searches.

Which other services do they have? limits its services to just resume and cover letter building.

Unlike some competitors there are no extra services like online career coaching, personal branding, LinkedIn profile optimization, or interview practice.

Customers should expect a no-frills experience – it’s definitely a case of “get what you pay for”.

What kind of support do they offer? has no real customer support to speak of. With no clear contact options beyond a few help pages and FAQs, you may feel a little anxious working on important documents on a platform that clearly doesn’t want to talk to you.

Now, this isn’t to say it’s risky at all. And with being partnered with, it’s clear there’s a certain level of trust to the service.

But we think it would be annoying to lose access to your resume halfway through writing it (if accounts got locked for some reason) and there’s no way to reach out and get help.

What makes different?

The free model makes stand out in a sea of often sneaky competitors.

However, the free model does mean more limited templates and customization compared to professional services.

The forced Indeed account connection might make them feel more trustworthy, but it could also just be annoying. Especially if you have no account.

How safe is this service?

Using obviously means handing over sensitive data. While the company has standard privacy policies, job seekers simply seeking quick resume templates may not want to share details with yet another platform.

The website fails to explain how it sustains free operations without utilizing user data behind the scenes. While has a good track record, it’s not risk-free.

Applicants should carefully weigh up if the convenience and price offset potential privacy risks or added hassles down the road if account security is ever compromised. Essentially, “free” here comes at the cost of providing your information.

Conclusion: does really work?

To summarize, achieves its promises like few other platforms. It’s a 100% free resume builder, complete with ATS-friendly templates and basic customization tools.

However, the service does come up short for those wanting writing guidance or creative visual designs. As the approach is very DIY beyond the template select screen.

If you’re a job seeker on a budget who wants simple scaffolding for content, this is probably the best ATS compliant tool you can pick.
But for most, the limitations around personalization and support highlight why hiring a professional resume writer might be worth the investment.