Reviews: Is free and how does it work? (with samples)

Pinch us, we’re dreaming: a 100% free resume builder? It’s hard to believe, but let’s review this. With so many “freemium” products cluttering up the resume writing space – tricking users into building documents then slapping them with surprise fees – it’s refreshing to say: Yes – appears to be totally free to use, … Read More

best questions to ask for an interview

Best Questions to Ask at the End of a Job Interview

Every job interview offers a few crucial opportunities to make a lasting impression. The final moments are usually great to score that last-minute goal and ensure you stand out among the other candidates. So what’s the secret? A good job interview is not just about answering questions but also about asking the right ones. At … Read More

resume writing services reviews

Resume Writing Services Reviews: In-depth analysis of resume services ( with samples!)

We’ll admit – ‘Resume Writing Services’ isn’t the most creative name in the world. But does service quality make up for what RWS lacks in creativity? If you’re in the market for a professional resume, finding a provider with razor-sharp focus on what they do matters. So perhaps this singular focus on resume writing is … Read More

severance pay and taxes

Severance Pay and Taxes: The Tax Implications of Severance Packages

With economic downturns and employees being laid off everywhere, individuals face termination of their professional relationships. Although emotional and logistical challenges accompany this termination, it also introduces another layer of complexity – severance pay taxation. Companies offer employees severance pay as compensation for terminating their employment to help them during the times of transition. The … Read More

resume spice reviews

Resume Spice Reviews: Is good for professional career advancement?

Resume Spice’s opening gambit is that they’re a “resume service built by recruiters”, and claim to be “the #1 rated resume writing service”. But do statements like these really justify the high price tag? To find out, we’ve spent the day pouring through their website and services to see for ourselves. So keep reading to … Read More