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Proven Cover Letter Tips for a Standout Application

We’ve all been there – in the middle of a job search, dream jobs picked out, resume ready, and no cover letter in sight. Many of us have sat in front of the screen with an open document, Googling for helpful cover letter writing tips. “Are cover letters even worth it?” often popped up.  The … Read More

How to Prepare for a Video Interview to Maximize Your Impact

The prevalence of remote work and global talent acquisition has set video call interviews to the forefront of recruitment strategies in today’s modern hiring. Beyond being a trend, this is a fundamental shift in how employers connect, evaluate, and select candidates. Therefore, learning how to prepare for a video interview has never been more critical.  … Read More

how to write cv for a sales job

How to Write a CV for a Sales Job: The Definitive Guide

Candidates on the hunt for a job in sales know how competitive the industry is. Standing out from the crowd may be a challenging task, but with a bullet-proof CV for a sales job, you will surely be among the top-ranking candidates.  To get noticed by a hiring manager, you’ll need to master your sales … Read More

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Top 6 Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid for Job Search Success

A well-crafted rеsumе plays a critical rolе in thе job search process, acting as a gatеway to potential opportunities and sеrving as a first imprеssion for еmployеrs. However, there are some common resume writing mistakes that even the most qualified job searchers do. Well-written resumes serve as a concisе summary of an individual’s skill set, … Read More

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How to Get Your Resume Noticed for Maximum Success

Anyone applying for a job in the current job market must be familiar with the art of writing an impactful resume. That is the key that gets you through the door and helps you book job interviews. Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes a day, and if you don’t figure out how to get your resume … Read More

skills resume sample

Skills Resume Sample

The skills resume format works best when your work experience is limited but your skills qualify you for the job. Download

functional resume sample

Functional Resume Sample

The functional resume format is best used to conceal gaps in employment history. For instance, in our sample rather than put a proprietary business in work history, the candidate has chosen to add it to a list of professional skills. Download

resume writing samples

Resume Writing Samples

Before you review our sample resumes, please note: It’s never a good idea to copy a resume template. Instead, use our sample resumes to firm up ideas on how to design a resume that’s descriptive of your experience, skills, and talents and specific to the career field, company or job you want Reverse Chronological Resume … Read More

resume writing tips

Resume Writing Tips

Creating a resume is an essential part to finding employment. Without a resume, the individual seeking employment is unable to apply for or be considered for a position for which they wish to work. A resume is the first impression that an employer will often receive of the applicant, for this reason, it should be concise and … Read More