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how to get your resume noticed

How to Get Your Resume Noticed for Maximum Success

Anyone applying for a job in the current job market must be familiar with the art of writing an impactful resume. That is the key that gets you through the door and helps you book job interviews. Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes a day, and if you don’t figure out how to get your resume … Read More

skills resume sample

Skills Resume Sample

The skills resume format works best when your work experience is limited but your skills qualify you for the job. Download

functional resume sample

Functional Resume Sample

The functional resume format is best used to conceal gaps in employment history. For instance, in our sample rather than put a proprietary business in work history, the candidate has chosen to add it to a list of professional skills. Download

resume writing samples

Resume Writing Samples

Before you review our sample resumes, please note: It’s never a good idea to copy a resume template. Instead, use our sample resumes to firm up ideas on how to design a resume that’s descriptive of your experience, skills, and talents and specific to the career field, company or job you want Reverse Chronological Resume … Read More

resume writing tips

Resume Writing Tips

Creating a resume is an essential part to finding employment. Without a resume, the individual seeking employment is unable to apply for or be considered for a position for which they wish to work. A resume is the first impression that an employer will often receive of the applicant, for this reason, it should be concise and … Read More

student resume

Student Resume

Whether you’re looking for a part-time job, a summer internship, or full-time employment after graduation, a good resume is an advantage you’ll want at your fingertips. Especially if you’re looking for your first job, writing a resume can help you choose a job as well as help you land an interview. Start writing your resume … Read More

resume outline

Resume Outline

A resume outline is a great resource that will make it easier to assemble a well-structured resume and ensure that you don’t leave any pertinent information out. Use the sections of your resume format as the skeleton of your resume outline, adding subsections to highlight accomplishments and experiences that make you the best candidate for the job. … Read More

resume cover letter

Resume Cover Letter

While your resume is an overview of your job qualifications, your cover letter highlights the best qualities you have to offer a prospective employer in a specific job – the job you want! Resume cover letters also provide answers that aren’t appropriate to include in a resume. For instance, why you’re interested in Company X … Read More

resume writing styles

Resume Writing Styles

The job application process has grown immensely competitive over the years. An eye-catching resume is your ticket to a potential interview, and the difference often lies in its style. As renowned career coach Hannah Smith opines, “A resume is more than just a list. It’s an art, a reflection of the person behind the paper.” … Read More