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resume cover letter

Resume Cover Letter

While your resume is an overview of your job qualifications, your cover letter highlights the best qualities you have to offer a prospective employer in a specific job – the job you want! Resume cover letters also provide answers that aren’t appropriate to include in a resume. For instance, why you’re interested in Company X … Read More

resume writing styles

Resume Writing Styles

The job application process has grown immensely competitive over the years. An eye-catching resume is your ticket to a potential interview, and the difference often lies in its style. As renowned career coach Hannah Smith opines, “A resume is more than just a list. It’s an art, a reflection of the person behind the paper.” … Read More

resume writing format

Resume Format

Resume Writing Format It’s easy to confuse resume format with resume style. Cut through the confusion by remembering that a resume format is a diagram. Resumes are structured into sections. The difference in resume format is where employment experience, skills, and education are placed within the resume body. Resume sections include: Most employers prefer you … Read More

resume objective

Resume Objective Writing

When creating a resume, it is essential to research the objective statement, as it often allows the employer to judge the potential employee’s ability before even reading the rest of the resume. An objective section of a resume should be concise and portray the vision of the resume and the outcome that the individual seeking … Read More

writing your resume

Writing your resume

In today’s competitive job market, your resume plays a pivotal role in distinguishing you from other candidates. It isn’t just a factual summary of your career journey; it’s your professional highlight reel, showcasing your most significant achievements and qualifications. 1. Why Your Resume Matters 2. Crafting the Perfect Resume Exploring Great Resume Structures Instead of … Read More